Saturday, April 11, 2015

Blender Shape Keys WIP

Hi Folks,

How you doing???, It's been long time update my blog.

I been playing around blender shape keys and i learned lot of new things.

Shape keys in Blender vs Blendshapes in Maya:

Blender allows me to change the topology after I have already made   multiple shape keys on the mesh . It's like changing topology in maya after having made multiple blendshapes.
Whats nice about it is that I can use this new topology to shape my character on some of the already created shape keys.

Maya does not allow you to alter the topology of a blend shape object- if you add an edgeloop, it will not affect the target object or might break the blendshape (you cannot reaply it any more).
You can change topology of the target (base) object, but that new topology is not being transfered to all the blendshapes you have - again, you can't use it to deform.

See you all soon with more update. Happy Bending.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Basketball Rig - Blender


I have created full rigged Basketball with textures included.


1.Global Control.
2.Squash & Stretch Control.
3.Spin Control (Independent of ball rotation).
4.Fully scalable.
5.Easy to animate with simplified and needed controls.

Model Download :

Rig Download :

Happy Blending !!!

Basketball Rig - Blender from sabarishwar on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Quick update on New Basketball Rig- WIP

Hi guys,

This is quick update on my new rig that i'm working on blender. Its pretty basic but I learned so many thing's still more learn. Okay here some snap shots of it.

You can download the model from here:

Happy Blending !!!

Basketball Rig

Squash and Stretch 

Global Control

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Started new adventure with blender

Oh yeah !!!

I started my new adventure with blender. Well this not my first time I opened the Blender, I had been in & out for some time (some sort work related), but this time small difference i really want to get deep into blender and start to explore the awesome software. I love blender more than any other 3d software that i'm working the power blender is expanding day by day, so i want to be small part of it.

So from now on i try to do one or two rigs per month and i'll share here with everyone, i hope you guys also like it. Okay no more talk lets get started.

Wish me the luck !!!  Happy blending !!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WIP - Auto rig tool for Biped

Hi frnz,

Currently i'm working on Auto Rig Tool for biped, I learned many things from it.
Here i like share some snaps frm the my script.

Soon i'll post the whole video about script and also how fast you can rig the biped.